Thursday, July 11, 2013

In Which Amazon Gives Away my Book

After several years (fifteen or so) of writing, rewriting, refusing to look at prior drafts and making a hundred files in my Rivermist folder, my first book, Rivermist:  The Book of the Elders is available on Amazon for Kindle.

FOR FREE.  Well, only for the next two days.  Seven whole sales and almost two hundred promo units distributed so far, all over the world (surprising many in Germany).

Next week, the period of Kindle exclusivity is up, so we'll be on Barnes & Noble and other retailers as well.

And I have no idea how to promote it without feeling slimy.  I think of being all like, "hey, @wilw, @neilhimself @populartweeter you're a writer! I'm a writer! RT link to my book plz?" but it feels awful.  So I don't.  I think I'd just like to write, publish, and not really think about it, but if I'm ever going to be able to write full time, I need to think about it and do stuff!  Doing stuff! Yeah!