Tuesday, January 12, 2016

In Which I React to Cosmic Disclosure (Gaiam TV/Gaia)

I was going to mention this in a comment on the Gaia TV show Cosmic Disclosure, but I didn't want people to think I was trying to grab attention for my stories or anything--and besides, only one of them is published at the moment anyway.  So I'll leave it here.

Last week's episode covered some of the internal races living in the Earth, and when Corey said there was a race called the "Derro" I shouted, "what?!?" and rewound, turned the volume up and tried not to get freaked out when I realized I'd heard him correctly.

In the fantasy/sci-fi series I've been writing since I was about fifteen, there is a race of beings who live in the planet called the "derrin."  They're not the elephant faced people described in the episode.  I imagined them looking more like a cross between a grey and a human but a little more stooped, but no one has seen them for centuries because they left the physical and only interact with the surface population telepathically through emissaries (a clan of Draige called the Emer).

In my stories there are also what just look like simple altars, a solid stone block, but you can interface with it mentally/spiritually.  They're actually called consciousness interface devices, or CIDs, and were used to attune people to higher states of consciousness, or, in the case of more selfish and insidious leadership, to brainwash/program everyone during this initiation everyone underwent to become an adult.

The thing that mentally nags me the most in Comsic Disclosure is the description of the smart glass pad, because in the story that I still haven't completed (I started it in 2008 or 09?) there are tablets that people use, and later in the story the holographic component had been figured out (one character, Caelais, has one that looks like a piece of glass that only one of the other characters, Zyll, innately knows how to use) but Zyll finds this box in her attic that her father supposedly left (she never met him) with documents and photographs of secret facilities, including a drawing of herself at her current age, even though she didn't even remember meeting her father.  Also in the box was this little flexible rectangle of plastic (but they don't have plastic on that planet, for some reason) that has a bit of a wobble to it that I imagined looking like plexiglas.  I was going to have that as a more advanced tablet, but it's been so hard to write that book.  Usually I can get a draft out in about a month or two, but I was stuck on that one for two years before I decided to just go edit and publish the older stories in the series.

In one of the other stories set into current time, there's a character who is switched between the two souls sharing his body by this tone signature/flashing light, sometimes over the phone.  He doesn't remember until later in the story, but he's an experiment of splitting spirits/consciousness and putting them into other bodies to be activated when needed.  There are always portals and other lives in my stories, but that's pretty normal fantasy fare.

Any time something comes out that's in one of my stories, I'm kicking myself for not publishing them sooner.  By the time I get them out there all this stuff will be science fact instead of fiction.

Also, I'm one of those people who have seen orbs of light as a child, which was described as Corey as a sort of awakening tool for Wanderers, so that verification was awesome.

I intended to just post up to this point, but when I realized I was actually kind of afraid to mention it, I figured it was a pretty good reason to do so.  I have a few weeks of my junior year of high school that I don't quite remember.  I took the ASVAB pretty much to get out of class.  It was a low income area, so we constantly had military recruiters trying to prey on the kids.  The Navy recruiter gave me a copy of the video game Resident Evil 2, and I was afraid to put it in my Playstation because I was afraid there was something running in the software.  I ended up playing it, but I never saw him again to give it back.  Later, one of his superiors called and asked me if he'd been pushy or too insistent or something, but I said no, he hadn't been, I just wasn't interested in joining the military.  I didn't ever want to hurt anyone or enable someone else to harm others.

And then one day I was sitting in class, reading a book, and I looked up realizing I didn't quite know where I'd been.  And I couldn't remember the day before specifically, or even any moment specifically in the last few weeks.  No one mentioned anything about me being gone, so I assume I was there.  I didn't remember getting up, what I'd had to eat the day before, if I'd talked to my mother, what we talked about in chemistry class, nothing.  I only remembered the book I was reading, which one of the teachers had loaned me.  I just kind of shrugged it off and went on.

It didn't start to bother me until this girl came up to me in a Jimmy John's one night and sat down and talked to me for the next four hours and told me about getting electroshock treatments that wiped her memory of the prior few weeks.  I mentioned my few weeks of time I couldn't quite account for, and she got wide eyed and said, "I hope no one hurt you."

So in Cosmic Disclosure when David mentioned the Mars Records, I decided I had to read them, but I couldn't read much at a time.  I'm a very fast reader, but I just couldn't do it.  I got a horrible headache after reading a few minutes, and I keep going back to try to get more and more, but I was sick for weeks and just at the thought of it my neck hurt.  I don't know if I'm picking up the feeling of the person in the book itself, or if it was my own feeling.

Note:  I wrote this several weeks ago and saved it as a draft... and then forgot about it. I want to go through later (when I have internet besides just my phone) and add links.

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